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Egypt Highlights,

Presenting one more outing to fantabulos and wonderful destination “Egypt”. Egypt, a country linking northeast Africa with the Middle East, dates to the time of the pharaohs. Millennia-old monuments sit along the fertile Nile River Valley, including Giza's colossal Pyramids and Great Sphinx as well as Luxor's hieroglyph-lined Karnak Temple and Valley of the Kings tombs. The capital, Cairo, is home to Ottoman landmarks like Muhammad Ali Mosque and the Egyptian Museum, a trove of antiquities. Home to one of the oldest and most influential civilizations on the planet, Egypt is a treasure trove of history and culture. From the capital of Cairo to the Nile Delta, the country is home to iconic ancient sights including the Pyramids of Giza and the temples of Abu Simbel. Additionally, Egypt's Red Sea coast offers ample opportunities for relaxing, swimming and scuba diving on some of the world's most pristine coral reefs.

Highlights -
Cairo – Pyramids - Sphinx – Egyptian Museum – Suez Canal – Alexandria – Aswan - Luxor – East & West Bank – Abu Simbel – High Dam – 5 Star Cruise and lots more ......

# We all will meet at Mumbai International Airport T2 on 1 st December 2019 by 1.00 am.

Hotels & Cruise proposed - similar

Hotels 5 Star Hotels & Cruise
Cairo Tolip El Narges
Aswan Pyramisa Isis Island Resort
Cruise Liberty 5 Star Cruise

Important Note -

Please Note;
 Passport is Compulsory to visit Egypt.
 Currency in Egypt is Egyptian Dollar - exchange rate is 1 EGP = 4.50
 We will assist you for Air Ticketing.
 You are advised to contact us for Flight Timings of onwards journey.
 Documents for Visa –
Passport, Aadhar Card, PAN Card, Latest Light / MTNL Bill, Passport size 4 photograph,
Last 6 Months Bank Ac Statements, Last 3 years IT return.

* We will assist you for Air Bookings, Visa formalities - if required.


Day 1 -      Sunday - 01 December 2019    
Location - Cairo – Visits to Pyramida, Sphinx & Egyptian Museums

Cairo – Visits to Pyramida, Sphinx & Egyptian Museums
Move to visit the Step Pyramid of Zoser in Sakkara home of Egypt’s oldest Pyramid. It was built in the 3rd Dynasty for King Djoser. Then move to Memphis the ancient capital of Egypt, Watch the great Statue of Ramses II and the alabaster Sphinx of Memphis and enjoy special panoramic views of sphinx & Pyramids. Hear about all the hidden stories of Pharaohs life.
Overnight at Cairo (Light Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner).

Day 2:      Monday - 02 December 2019    
Hotel/Resort - at -     
Location - Visit to Suez Canal - Egypt

Visit to Suez Canal
Get ready for the day trip to the most exciting and world famous ‘Suez Canal’ – which is an artificial sea-level waterway in Egypt, connecting the Mediterranean Sea to the Red Sea. It opened 17 November 1869, after 10 years of construction, it allows ships to travel between Europe and South Asia without navigating around Africa thereby reducing the sea voyage distance between Europe and India by about 7,000 kilometres. When built, the canal is now about 193 kms long. The canal is single-lane with passing places in the Ballah Bypass and the Great Bitter Lake. It contains no locks; seawater flows freely through it. In general, the canal north of the Bitter Lakes flows north in winter and south in summer. South of the lakes, the current changes with the tide at Suez.
Overnight at Cairo (Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner).

Day 3:      Tuesday - 03 December 2019    
Hotel/Resort - at Egypt     
Location - Egypt

Trip to Alexandria and then to Aswan
Our local guide will pick us from our hotel to Travel to Alexandria. Start the tour with the library of Alexandria; the biggest library in the world – now with 8 million books with visit to it is open court and free museums - Then visit the site of the Lighthouse; one of the Seven Wonders of - theAncient World on which now stands the castle of Qaitbey. Visit the royal gardens of King Farouk (the last king in the history of Egypt) and see the royal palaces of Haramlek and Salamlek as well as the royal beaches of the queens and continue our tour by visiting the prettiest and biggest mosque in the city: the Abbo Elabbas Mosque, as well as the memorial of the unknown Soldier of Alexandria and the statue of Alexander the Great. After that, move to visit the Citadel of Salah El Din which was constructed by Salah El Din on the Moqattam hills in 1183 AD to defend Cairo from the armies of Crusaders. After that visit Mohamed Ali Alabaster Mosque which was designed by the architect Yousif Boushnaq and Travel in comfort back to Cairo and catch the flight to Aswan.
Overnight in Aswan (Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner).

Day 4:      Wednesday - 04 December 2019    
Hotel/Resort - at -     
Location - Egypt

Trip to Abu Simbel, High Dam and then check into Nile Cruise
This day wake up very early morning and then we will proceeds to the Temple of Abu Simbel. The colossal Temple of Abu Simbel built by Ramses II (XIXth. Dynasty) and lately saved from inundation of the Nile waters in among the glories of ancient Egyptian monuments. The temples were built out of a sandstone rock cliff, and representation of the deities to which each was dedicated is carved on its huge façade. Nearby, also saved, lies the small Temple of the King’s wife Nefertari, dedicated to the goddess Hathor - back to Aswan. Here we will board our 5 Star Cruise and then after Lunch we will visit to High Dam that created Lake Nasser, as well as the Unfinished Obelisk to see how ancient Egyptians cut these huge stone pillars, and finally Philae Temple, dedicated to the goddess Isis, we will be picked up from Aswan to enjoy a day tour in the amazing city Aswan. High Dam, an engineering miracle built in 1960 protecting Egypt from annual floods from the Nile. Then proceed to visit the Unfinished Obelisk which shows the techniques used by the ancient Egyptians to cut obelisks. Most probably this obelisk belongs to Queen Hatshepsut, one of the rulers of the 18th Dynasty and the royal wife of king Tuthmosis II. This queen was the owner of her Temple in the eastern bank of Luxor. Also there is an opinion said that it belongs to Queen Nefertiti. Then move on to visit the majestic Philae Temple which was built on the honor of Goddess Isis the chief deity of the island.
Overnight in Aswan (Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner).

Day 5:      Thursday - 05 December 2019    
Hotel/Resort - at Egypt
Location - Egypt

Trip Kom Ombo and Edfu
After Breakfast get ready to visit the Temple of Kom Ombo standing on high grounds overlooking the Nile. It differs from other temples because of its double entrance, each one is dedicated to divinity: "Haroeris" with his falcon head and ‘Sobek’ with his crocodile head. The Temple of Kom Ombo was built in the honour of two deities the crocodile-headed Sobek, god of fertility and creator of the world, and Haroeris or the ancient falcon-headed Horus. Lunch on the board and proceed to Edfu to visit the majestic temple dedicated to Horus which is considered by most to be the best-preserved cult temple in Egypt. According to the Egyptian myths, it was the place where the falcon-headed god Horus revenge the murder of his father Osiris by killing Seth.
Overnight in Luxor (Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner).

Day 6:      Friday - 06 December 2019    
Hotel/Resort - at Egypt
Location - Egypt

West Bank – Luxor – Der Bahrai- Hatshepsut Temple – Valley of the kings – Colossi of Memnon.
Our first visit will be to the Necropolis of Thebes, the Valley of the Kings on the West Bank of Luxor. There we will visit to four royal tombs, including the Tomb of Ramses, the Tomb of Horemheb, the Tomb of Merenptah. Then we will visit to Temple of Hatshepsut at Deir el Bahari, Kings Valley Rd Deir el-Bahari, then Temple of Queen Hatshepsut (Deir el Bahari), the only woman ever to reign over Egypt as Pharaoh. This queen was an ancestor of King Tutankhamen and belonged to the same dynasty. Then visit to the place where the workmen of the royal tombs used to live. Here we will see the Temple of Deir el-Medina, which was dedicated to the goddess Hathor. Then visit to The Colossi of Memnon, the two largest ancient statues in Egypt which date back to the era of King Amenhotep III. He was the father of King Akhenaten and grandfather of King Tutankhamen. The tomb of Ramesses III, designated as KV 11, is a complex system in the Valley of the Kings. It has been known since antiquity, the wonderful decorations include colourful painted sunken reliefs featuring the traditional ritual texts (Litany of Ra, Book of Gates etc) and Ramses before the gods. Unusual here are the secular scenes, in the small side rooms of the entrance corridor, showing foreign tributes, such as highly detailed pottery imported from the Aegean, the royal armoury, boats and, in the last of these side chambers.
Overnight in Luxor (Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner).

Day 7:      Saturday - 07 December 2019    
Hotel/Resort - at -     
Location - East Bank – Luxor – Avenue of Sphinx - Karnak

East Bank – Luxor – Avenue of Sphinx - Karnak
We will start our day with a visit to the Temples of Karnak. Walk along the avenue of Sphinx massive a facade. Then enter the Temples of Karnak where we will see each legacy left by the various pharaohs as the complex grew even larger. The deeper we go into the complex, the further back in time we will travel, with the oldest ruins dating back over 3,000 years. Then will visit Great Hypostyle Hall, Luxor Temple which was once joined to the Temples of Karnak by a two- kilometer long Avenue of Sphinx, a portion of which marks the entrance to the temple. Dominated by statues of the great warrior pharaoh Ramses II, Luxor Temple has survived Nile floods, foreign invasion and thousands of years exposed to the elements. Then to a pure Egyptian temple, the inner walls and columns are decorated with intricate hieroglyphics, Luxor Temple's history and see one of the original pair of obelisk, the second of which now stands on the Place de la Concorde in Paris.
Transfer to Luxor Airport and proceed to Cairo by Air.
Overnight in Cairo (Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner).

Day 8:      Sunday - 08 December 2019    
Hotel/Resort - at Egypt     
Location - Egypt

Free day & Food Tour
If our departure flight time allows us to make this tour today to enjoy the real taste of Egypt you have to try the Egyptian food the best foods in Egypt which is one of the life’s great pleasures. We will discover off-the-beaten-path spots the real Egypt that is not covered in any guidebook. Back to our India (Breakfast, Lunch). If our flight is by noon then Lunch will be on board.
Reach Mumbai on 9 th December 2019 by the mid night time.
# Trip ends with lots of memories ...


Price Includes
·Hotel accommodation based on Double Occupancy.
·Meals as specified in the itinerary. Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner.
·Domestic Airfare & Surcharges from Cairo to Aswan and Luxor to Cairo.
.Visa fee
·Transportation in a Private Ac Vehicle.
.5 Star Hotels / Cruise accommodation on prime locations.
.Luxurious 5 * Cruise with all its related charges and facilities. ·English speaking Guide cum & Tour Leader throughout the journey.
·Entrance Fees at the monuments.
·2 Water Bottles per person per day.
·Services charges, room taxes and baggage handling.
.Compulsory Tips / Gratitude to Drivers / Guides USD 12 per person per day.


Price Excludes
·International Flights & Surcharges.
·Travel insurance.
·Personal expenses such as Drinks, Telephone, Souvenirs and Laundry etc.
·Others which are not mentioned in the inclusion.
.GST @ 5 %

Please Note;
 Passport is Compulsory to visit Egypt.
 Currency in Egypt is Egyptian Dollar - exchange rate is 1 EGP = 4.50
 We will assist you for Air Ticketing.
 You are advised to contact us for Flight Timings of onwards journey.
 Documents for Visa –
Passport, Aadhar Card, PAN Card, Latest Light / MTNL Bill, Passport size 4 photograph, Last 6 Months Bank Ac Statements, Last 3 years IT return.

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